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1st degree art-education, Arnhem School of the Arts, graduated in 1998


Independent art, Arnhem School of the Arts, graduated in 2002

Summerschool trowing, Dutch Ceramic centre

Artist in Residence, august/septembre 2023, International Ceramic research centre, Guldagergaard, Denmark




Selected for International Ceramics festival, Mino, Japan

Solo-exhibition, ACEC, Apeldoorn

Groupexhibition, House of Province, Arnhem

KunstOer, Winterswijk

Groupexhibition, galerie de Ploegh, Amersfoort

Work purchased by the province of Gelderland

Assignment Bronze sculpture, Loolaan, apeldoorn


Groupexhibition Cynthia Corbett Galery, London

Nominated Maylis grand ceramic prize, London

Winner sketch assignment for a bronze sculpture on the Loolaan in Apeldoorn

Exhibition Taart 50PK, Ede

Exhibition in Teagarden Millingen

Exhibition ‘New stories’, Galery ‘De Ploegh’, Amersfoort

Exhibition Maison Gramont, Fanjeaux, France

Publication in Mister Motley by Alex de Vries

Vestingval, Elburg, multidisciplinair artfestival

Art assignment van der Valk, Venlo

Group exhibition 'Ode to Nature' in the National Tree Museum, Doorn



Nominated for the National Dutch Ceramic award

Woest&Bijster, side specific art festival, Municipalities of Renkum, Wageningen, Ede

Artist-in-residence Guldagergaard International ceramic center, Denmark

design and realization Culture Prize Municipality of Ede

Art commission van der Valk, Venlo

Exploring art without boundaries, art route, IJhorst


Gallery 2020, Otterlo

Group exhibition, 'Inkijk', house Kernhem, Ede

#Art Malden, Malden

Group exhibition, gallery de Ploegh, Amersfoort

Group exhibition 'Corona trial', gallery Kunstfactorij, Bennekom



Outdoor exhibition 'OUTSIDE BETTER THAN INSIDE' Oude Kerkplein, Ede

Group exhibition 'Ode to Nature' in the National Tree Museum, Doorn

'My sculpture garden', art education project with Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo



PEK Group exhibition 'in a sentence' in Galerie Cultura.

'My sculpture garden', art education project with Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo

Solo exhibition in gallery garden 'Tuin de Lage Oorsprong', Oosterbeek

Stoneware ceramics, exhibition i.c.w. ceramic work from a private collection, Bennekom

Between reality and wonderland' with Maron Hilverda in Galerie Cultura, Ede



'My sculpture garden', art education project with Kroller Muller Museum, Otterlo

BennekomWoest&Bijster, landscape art and theater festival, Renkum

BUY! Group exhibition in the ENKA on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of PEK

Exhibition with Jan van Leeuwen and Karel Loman in 'Art in the Cellar' Putten


2017 and earlier

Sketch design 'work of art in the railway tunnel' SOMA, Ede

Exhibition 'Not everything perishes' with Trijn Romein in the Casteelse Poort, Wageningen

Duo exhibition with Trijn Romein in the Cultura gallery, Ede

Duo exhibition with Elisabeth Koning in gallery 'de Kijkdoos' Bennekom

2012 and earlier

Roots in the Woods, Installation i.c.w. Ine Boeijen

Exhibition 'Fresh Look', the Kunstplaats, Veenendaal

Design Art Prize Ede -jury prize-

Aircraft project De Kleine Prins, Arnhem

Open stable, Oldeberkoop

Edition #6 Art crumbles, Nijmegen

Exhibition 'the studio' i.c.w. Ine Boeijen, CBK Arnhem

Art moment Diepenheim

Multidisciplinary art project 'D out of the bleu' 7 municipalities in the Achterhoek

Exhibition 'the Atelier', CBK Ede

Art assignment Hospital Gelderse Vallei, Ede

Exhibition Catharijne Convent, Utrecht

Exhibition gallery Pro Art, Zeewolde

Exhibition 'Under the Black Madonna', The Hague

Art assignment 'Driestar entrance' Driestarcollege Gouda

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