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about me

My work consists mainly of sculptures. Most works are created in my studio. 

I also work on a project basis as an art teacher. In this way I want to bring art close to children and teenagers in workshops and lessons.


Characteristic for my sculptures is the use of recognizable, figurative elements. By additions or distortion I take the figurative forms out of their context so that the meaning changes. I work with ceramics and textiles, but also use other materials to create a strong image.


I get ideas for my work from everything around me. These can be photographs, but also literature, articles from the newspaper or magazines. The ideas become sketches and the sketches become objects. Only during the execution the object gets its final form. This way of working suits me and my themes. It creates a tension between having a grip on the work and letting the work arise and using the coincidences you encounter. In this way I explore the boundaries of reality and the imagination in order to shift them if necessary, but always keeping an eye on the expressiveness of the image.


I get my inspiration from art history, literature and the Bible. For me, faith in God plays a major role.

Themes such as transience and impermanence often recur, but also fragility versus strength. Each sculpture is a symbol of the passing of time and makes us transient without us being able to control it. A kind of contemporary 'Memento mori'. 

At the same time I try to show beauty and evoke wonder. I hope that this contrast between transience and beauty will challenge the viewer to give their own meaning to the images.

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