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“.. Eveline Kieskamp (Bennekom, 1977) displays a slightly morbid sense of beauty. She brings her historicizing images to our times by employing alienation and a restrained form of excess. This creates a fairytale-like contemporary surrealism that appears seductive and at the same time has something unapproachable. Her sculptures of often young women have, precisely because of their intransigence, something vulnerable that is not so much visible on the surface, but gives the image charge from within.” 
- Alex de Vries, Mister Motley -


My sculpture garden at diverse primary schools in Ede

Article in Mister Motley door Alex de Vries

Januari 2024, Art assignment; bronze sculpture at Loolaan, Apeldoorn

November 2023, groupexhibition at Kunstlokaal gallery, Kerkrade

Nominated Young Master Mailys Grand Ceramic Prize

October 2023, exhibition 67 York Street Gallery London, Shortlisted Ceramicists 

July-september 2023, exhibition Maison Gramont, Fanjeaux, France

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